Workouts for men

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Workouts for men

Men’s weight training is an opportunity to increase athletic height, even if there is not enough time to train in the gym and train with a personal trainer. You can train with your weight at home or on the street in specially equipped areas.

It may not be easy to build big muscles and create a texture that only works with your weight without dumbbells or simulators. But with a home workout, it’s entirely possible to keep your body in shape. The most important things are nutrition, regularity and sustainability.

In men, training reduces the main load on the chest, shoulder and neck muscles.

When you arrive from work in the evening or early in the morning, you can run and do, albeit briefly, street exercises:

  • Pull up the horizontal and uneven bars with the narrow and wide handle
  • Exercise your abdominal muscles by pulling your legs to your chest and hanging from the bar.
  • Get off the bench

Exersise program

workout Exersise program

Intensive heating

  • 25 deep squats – feet wider than shoulders, back not falling forward
  • 20 compression – lying on your back while pulling your hips and chest against each other. You can also alternately lift your hips and upper body. Keep your chin close to your chest and watch your breathing
  • 20 kneeling – if very difficult, kneeling is allowed
  • 15 sprains on each leg – watch your knees, they shouldn’t go along your toes
  • The 45-second plank is a universal workout for training several muscle groups simultaneously: the abdomen, back, shoulder belt and buttocks. The rod should be made to lie on your elbows and toes.
  • 20 hyperextension – do lying on your stomach, hands behind your head
  • Another 20 squats
  • And another 15 pumps
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This trains key muscle groups and strengthens stabilizers, endurance and flexibility. Your body takes on a new shape – the more you invest in it, the higher the return.

Tips for beginners

During the internship, pay attention to the following suggestions:

  • Warm. Every athlete needs warm-up as part of their training.
  • Tightening and tilting. These exercises should not be ignored. They are the basis of street training. Be sure to include the exercises in the program during the first year of training.
  • Destination. After the school year, choose a direction: strength or exercise.
  • Leg exercises. Yes, street training performs elements with uneven bars with hands involved. But without swollen feet, your body looks disproportionate. Keep your balance and pump your whole body evenly.
  • Personalization. If you enjoy training, that doesn’t mean you have to train every day. Initially, visit the site 2-3 times a week to get used to the strain on your muscles.
  • If you have chosen the training direction as your goal, use special horizontal bars for training. You won’t find them in the playgrounds, so visit the special sports centers.
  • Equipment. Choose suspenders and gloves. Take a closer look at the scale after six months of training.
  • Nutrition. A strict diet should not be followed, but a diet is recommended.
  • Press pumping. Without a pumped press, it is not possible to create complex force elements in exercises.